Provably Fair and Decentralized Games on Injective Network

NinjaRoll is a decentralized gaming platform built on Injective. Unlike traditional games that operate in black boxes, NinjaRoll runs on smart contracts that are fair, transparent, non-custodial, and immutable. NinjaRoll is the first-of-its-kind decentralised PoS random settlement network. Our core product; the NinjaRoll Games. These games are settled by our Verifiable Random Function (VRF) network built purely, and is the first on Injective. We have plans to potentially deploy on other cosmos networks as well, while routing all profits and liquidity back to Injective.

What does it mean for $ROLL users & token holders?

  • A retro pixel graphics experience designed to invoke nostalgia

  • Multiple games using your favourite token such as INJ, DOJO, BTC, ETH and more! Partner networks within Injective can also be onboarded to use the project's native token

  • $ROLL staking pool with attractive APR. Bet using your yields and keep your capital intact!

As a $ROLL token holder, you can stake your $ROLL tokens with us to help validate the gaming network. In the future, we will allow other trusted node operators to run our settlement layer. They will require a minimum 8% supply of $ROLL tokens to run a node. $ROLL token holders can delegate their $ROLL tokens to different operators.

At the beginning, the network provides incentives to $ROLL delegators with incentives in the form of $ROLL tokens. APR is expected to be ~200% at the beginning, and is reduced weekly until a sustainable rate of ~30%. At that point, our gaming income will be sustainable to the point where we burn all $ROLL incentive supply, and switch to a real yield model, where $ROLL holders get to earn $INJ tokens.

Future Plans for $ROLL token holders

When $ROLL token attains a large cap status (> $100m), we have plans to create a liquid staked version of the $ROLL token in conjunction with the DojoSwap team. They have promised a dROLL token with a decent farm for us to build our liquid staking liquidity feature.

Our Partnership with the DojoSwap team

We deeply thank the DojoSwap team for allowing us to launchpad on their platform to gain the necessary user base. We have setup an agreement to burn 50% of all the DOJO tokens we receive from gaming income to lend each other our strengths.

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